“ Your experience and wisdom add excellence to your work, together with your love, compassion and your healing touch.”

"I make sure to schedule a massage with Maya every time I lead a retreat. Her healing hands and presence work out anything I might be holding in my body that needs to be let go. I leave feeling relaxed, more peaceful, and ready to be available for my workshop participants for the remainder of the retreat. I can't recommend her skills highly enough!"

M. Munir

"Being a massage therapist myself, I seek therapists that have both skill and that special something, and Maya embodies both. She has years of experience that come through in the fine details and smooth transitions that allow for deep relaxation even when the work in itself is deep. Her hands listen and respond to my body and energy in a way that allows me to relax in trust. I especially was impressed with her Ayurvedic bodywork treatments that were new experiences for me, thorough, and therapeutic. "

C. De Voe

“Maya is a gifted professional massage therapist. She has excellent skills in bodywork and continues to learn and perfect her craft. This technical proficiency combined with empathy and intuition makes her a true healer.”

W. Mailliard

“Receiving Maya's healing intention through her restorative touch is truly a special blessing.  As I receive from Maya, I increasingly connect with a beautiful spiritual space as my physical stresses are transformed into inner body equanimity. Maya's intuition and knowledge are exceptional.”

L. Hodges